After the New Testament was completed in 1998, the translation of the Old Testament started. We decided to publish the translated parts of the Old Testament as they were being finished, so that the readers didn't have to wait several years for the completed Bible.

Thus, the Pentateuch (Five Books of Moses) was pblished in 2002, Historical Books of the Old Testament in 2005. Widom Books in 2006, and finally the Prophets in 2008. Meanwhile, a new, completely revised edition of the New Testament was finished and published in 2004.

In January of 2009, the complete text of the Bible was ready and submitted for printing in a specialized printing plant in the Netherlands.

- Genesis
- Exodus
- Leviticus
- Numbers
- Deuteronomy


Historical Books:

- Joshua
- Judges
- Ruth
- 1 Samuel
- 2 Samuel
- 1 Kings
- 2 Kings
- 1 Chronicles
- 2 Chronicles
- Ezra
- Nehemiah
- Esther

b_wisdom.jpg Wisdom Books:
- Job
- Psalms
- Proverbs
- Ecclesiastes
- Song of Solomon




Our New Testament was first published in 1998. Since then, numerous new editions were printed in different formats, most recently the Czech-English New Testament which we did together with the New Living Translation. So far over 100,000 copies of our New Testament have been distributed. In the context of the limited and very secular Czech market, this is a result that exceedes our expectations. Many of these New Testaments were used for evangelism, either by individuals or by various missions organizations, and we have been blessed to hear about conversions resulting from these activities.

In 2003 the Fund helped to publish this popular book of the Bible. Translation of the ancient Hebrew poetry is an extremely challenging task. Our translator Alexandr Flek aspired to render these sayings as vividly and faithfully as possible. Again and again he carefully looked through the text, seeking the most proper expressions, up to the last moment consulting and refining the translation.
Finally, the book was ready for the Christmas market, in a beautiful binding and layout by Dita König. The book of Proverbs quickly gained a wide interest, as it became a pleasant Christmas present for many people. The demand for the book was such that a quick reprint had to be ordered, and than a couple of new reprints. The number of enthusiastic responses brought our team a lot of encouragement.

b_john.jpg THE WORD – The Gospel according to John
The next publishing project that the Fund supported this year was the special pocket edition of the Gospel of John. The idea was to produce an inexpensive but attractive booklet intended especially for free distribution. The most current wording, i.e. the newly revised text for the 3rd edition of the New Testament was used.
Also this time a lot of attention was paid to the style and format of the book. A handy pocketbook form was finally chosen, with a contemporary cover designed to address especially the young audience.


Direct contact with people constitutes a key part of our activity. Our team travels thousands of kilometres every year, presenting the translation at Christian services, conferences, seminars and other, sometimes also secular, events. The participants of these presentations learn directly from the translators about the principles and methods of our work. They also hear from the Fund’s CEO about the financial matters related to the work, and they are invited to take part in it. A natural part of all presentations is a question-and-answer session.

At some of the public events, such as conferences, the Fund displays its presentation table with the published texts of the Bible and the information materials. Among our favourite activities are public readings and book release parties in both Christian and secular bookstores. Last but not least, we have been able to address a wider public via different radio programmes, both Christian (TransWorld Radio, Proglas), and secular (Czech National Radio).

Thanks to these promotional activities a growing awareness of our new Bible translation is building up throughout the country.